End Of Summer

Tops - Forever 21 ... Shorts - Rue 21 ... Shoes - WetSeal ... Earrings & Sunglasses- Shasa 

My body almost completely shut down on me this weekend from exhaustion. I hadn't realized how tired I was until Friday night when I basically came home and crashed before 9pm. I knew I was stressed since I am preparing to move soon but I guess I didn't take into account to it would eventually catch up with me. Although I went to sleep very early, I was still so tired Saturday and Sunday, so I decided that I would do as little as possible to give my body to rest it deserved.

I typed all that to say, as you begin the school year (or even if you're if you're just embarking on a new journey in your life) remember that balance is such an important part of life. I know it's hard sometimes to let things just happen on their own and it's often easy to allow yourself to be so consumed with what's going to happen next but you always have to remember to plan for the future while living in the present

Cheers to a productive school year!

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