The Hunt for Home Decor - Under $20

Who says home decor has to cost an arm and a leg?

In my attempt to get everything packed to go to my new place, I am finding that I am obsessed with different themes and decorating ideas all thanks to Pinterest. As I am deciding what I want to take with me and give away, I am also noticing things I want to buy before I move to help bring the ideas I have to life - not to mention making it easier to get everything set up once I move in. 

I saw a post This Thrifty Chick did a while back where she got a gigantic oval mirror (very similar to the one above) from an estate sale for $3! From that moment on I was on the hunt to get one of my own. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get mine for $3 but I came in close at my local Goodwill at $6.99. My initial goal was under $20, so imagine my surprise when I realized I still had about $13 left over!

Being the shop-a-holic you know I  am, I decided to look around a bit more and found the black accent vase for $2.99, the silver tray for $2.99, the brown dish for $1.99 and the blue and white tray for $2.99! With tax it came to a WHOPPING $19.40! #WINNING

I'll post in September, after I get settled in my new place, where all this stuff ends up. So, stay tuned! In the mean time, check out my DIY Earring Picture Frame Holder that I scored from Goodwill on another one of my excursions.

Have you ever had an awesome shopping experience like this? I would love to hear about it. Let me know below!

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