DIY: Cork Board

In the effort to decorate my new home with a minimal budget, a LOT of the things I already had got a makeover. I found this fabric at my local craft store for $2 per yard and knew immediately I wanted to use it to cover my old cork board. It only took about 20 minutes - including the paint drying - for me to complete this project.

You will need:

Cork Board
Spray Adhesive
Box cutter (or Scissors)
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush

1. Begin by laying the fabric over the cork board. Be sure to leave about a 1/2 inch of fabric on all sides in case the fabric shifts while you're gluing it down.
2. Spray the 1/4 of the board with the adhesive at a time and press the fabric to make it stick. Be sure to get the corners.
3. Once the fabric is secure on the board, use a box cutter (or scissors) to cut the excess. Remember, when using the box cutter, to lay the blade under the boarder so the jagged edges will be hidden underneath.
4. Paint the boarder any color you like and let it dry. I used black glossy acrylic paint.
5. Hang your updated cork board and start pinning!

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