Hair Review: Outre Quick Weave ' Yasmine'

I'm not a big fan of hair that I didn't grow, but I'm really tired of dealing with my thick, natural hair. When I get tired of my hair, I get impulsive and very tempted to cut it all off. Since, I don't want to pull a Britney Spears, I have decided to try a protective style using a wig.

I ran to my local beauty supply store and picked up the Outre Yasmine Quick Weave. Surprisingly, it was under $20! Of course I found it a few dollars cheaper online after I purchased it, but you live then you learn. I like the way it looks (even though it still looks like a weave). it's very easy to use and literally takes a minute to install. I got this unit in 1B/33 because of my ombre hair, but it does come in many other colors.

Unfortunately, I struggled with keeping the dang thing on my head all day and pulled it off as soon as I got in my car (I know, I know). I think my biggest problem is I don't like hair on my neck, but it wasn't completely unbearable.

 Overall, I think I may give my hair a break with wigs when I need a protective syle in the future.

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