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Goddess to Queen - Holiday Hair Tutorial

November 18, 2012

We all want to look our best for the holidays, right? Well, I'm no different, but I'm an completely over fighting with my thick, curly hair. I need a protective style quick before I cut my hair off (yeah, it gets that serious). Recently, I had a flashback moment to Beyonce's gorgeous hair in the 'Upgrade You' video and decided to try to recreate it. 

For this style, I used:
A Wide Tooth Comb
A Denman Brush
A Baor Bristle Brush
Eco Styler Gel
Cantu Shea Butter
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 packs of Braiding Hair
Ponytail Holders
Bobby Pins

The video below show the step by step of how I achieved this look. This hairstyle works on natural and permed hair. You know you want to try it, so give it a go. I know you'll love it!