DIY Shredded Back Sweatshirt

April 22, 2013

This past weekend, I had the privilege of joining a friend at his fraternity picnic/luau and what a beautiful day it was, simply because the weather was so craze-amaze....
I found this awesome sweatshirt on the 60% off rack and purchased it with the sole intention of shredding the back (I also had to cut the armbands at the wrist to roll up the sleeves). Boy, was that the most genius idea I've had to date! Apparently, the weather anywhere in Houston and surrounding areas has a severe personality disorder. While we were out there, the weather varied between 68 and about 74 degrees, with steady sunshine and frequent breezes throughout the day.. Because of the ventilation I was able to comfortably partake in the festivities.

Since this was (yet another) DIY project that happened in the blink of an eye, there are any pics of the process. Instead here are the super easy instructions to follow. 
1. Turn the shirt inside out.
2. Using a ruler, I drew the first line about 6 inches from the neckline. Then I drew a line every 1 1/2 inches  from the line above.
3. Using scissors, cut across each line.
4. Stretch the shirt to create the draping effect.
5. Cut the neck and the bands at the wrist off and roll the sleeves up.

About the flower arrangement situation... Since my inner glamizon would not allow me to just wear the lais around my neck, I decided to wrap it around my 'fro to transform it into a puff. Not too shabby since I did not have the proper equipment to properly do my hair. All in all, I had a pretty awesome time. 
Wishing you an awesome and productive week.
Sweatshirt - Wetseal - Similar one here
Jeans - Forever 21- like these
Sunglasses - Rue 21 - similar to these
Chain Necklace - Thrifted - DIY Tutorial here
Arm Candy - Chic Defiance - this and that

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