Rainy Days: Neon & Oxblood

I have always loved playing in the rain...

There's just something about water that's so calming. I can remember jumping in puddles of rain water and/or running around outside during a light rain. Let's be honest, I still do from time to time... Living in Texas over the years has taught me certain fabrics, like chiffon, are rain friendly because it drys so quickly and it's light enough to keep me comfortable when the pre- (and post-) rain humidity rolls though.
Since the Oxblood color option was a popular fall option, I decided the outfit needed certain pops of color. The neon accessories became an option when I re-discovered the neon belt at the very bottom of my belt rack...
Sometimes, you'll get the best results when you consider the very things that are last on your list.
Top - Forever 21
Bottoms - Gifted
Shoes - shoedazzle.com
Belt - H&M

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