Buy or Bye: RiRi Woo (+ Dupes)

What say you? Buy or Bye?

Since this is my first time purchasing anything from MAC, I don't consider myself any type of guru or expert. I'm just a regular girl giving my honest opinion... 

When I initially decided that I was ready to venture into the world of high end makeup, I decided I would start small and play it safe by purchasing my favorite type of makeup: lipstick. As I was researching, I noticed everyone talking about Ruby Woo or RiRi Woo. So, I decided it seemed "safe" to start there.

Long story short, I ended up with my eye on RiRi Woo. The ordering process was simply irritating because it was the release date and EVERYONE was on MAC's site trying to get there hands on the new line... I don't have a patient personality when it comes to shopping. So to say I spent 2 hours waiting for lipstick is unfathomable. As you can see, I finally got my hands on it only to realize I already had a few lippies at home that are quite similar.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection #111 - Kiss of Life
Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection #11

After reading this and seeing the differences, will you buy or wave bye-bye?

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