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DIY Coffee Table Ottoman

September 17, 2013

Who wouldn't want one of these in their home?
In my never ending quest to glamify (yeah, I made that up), there's always a DIY project just waiting to happen. I knew I wanted some type of ottoman in the living room but I still wanted the functionality of the table WITHOUT spending over $60 bucks for supplies... Is that asking too much?

After much research, I learned my request wasn't impossible and took my old $20 bland Ikea Lack Coffee and turned it into a very chic, comfortable masterpiece. Here's how I did it...
1.5 yards of fabric -I actually bought 4 yards in total to cover a few of the couch pillows as well - $33 on sale
Spray Adhesive - Already had some
Foam - $22 on sale - Also used for this
Batting - $8 - Also used for this
Staple Gun and Staples - Already owned
Coffee Table - Already owned

Grand total - $63! I went over but I think I can handle a $3 difference. Plus, most of the supplies helped me complete another project so I can justify it. :-)

I hope this helps! Until we DIY again,