How to Depot & Upcycle A Candle

Am I the only one that hates when candles don't burn all the way to the bottom?

Can we talk about how the WHOLE first layer of the candle I made is what was left over from the big 3-wick Bath & Body works candle that was below the wick? Yeah, that's half of this jar! As an avid candle burner, one of my major pet peeves especially if I've spent over $10 for it because it makes me feel like I've wasted money, especially on seasonal candles... However, Being the extreme DIY-er that I am, I have discovered how I can get the most out of my candle and money-even if I am literally burning it away LOL.

Here's how it's done:
1. Fill your pot with about a inch of water. Then, place the jar in the pot and boil the water.

2. Dip the wick in the wax and place it at the bottom of the smaller container. Carefully remove the jar with the melted wax out of the pan, then pour it into the smaller container. Allow the wax to cool before adding another layer.

3. Fill the sink with hot, soapy water and allow the jar to soak for a few minutes. The label should just slip off. At that point, clean the jar with a rag or sponge and reuse it for something else, like saving money or storing dog treats!

If you need help removing the labels, click HERE.
Happy Upcycling!

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