Feel Better Baby

January 06, 2014

Before you try it, no I'm not pregnant and still do not have any children! It's a baby shower gift...
Now that we have that out of the way, I wanted to introduce my latest creation to you. I have named him Cozy owl.

Cozy Owl is a more kid friendly, elaborate version of the DIY Heating Pad/Cold Packs I made last month and is perfect for giving as a gift for any occasion (especially atop a diaper cake for a baby shower). He is made of various soft cotton materials and is small enough a for child to snuggle. Plus, has the capability of heating up to soothe aches and pains or carry around during the summer to cool kids down without having to worry about a watery mess... and did you notice how stinkin' cute he is?

Want to get one of your own? 

Don't worry you can! I have made Cozy Owl exclusively available HERE... and if you don't plan on getting it today, hover over the pic and pin it to remember it for later.

Happy Shopping,

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