Fitness Journal and the 'Stick To It' Workout Jar

January 31, 2014

I have resolved to make health and fitness a lifestyle in 2014 and I'm bringing you all along for the ride.

I have a horrible habit of getting so busy I lose track of time... I know, I know it's a habit that I'm actively trying to break (because it's causing me to forget to eat and workout). Then, when I actually think about it, it's at the most inopportune time so the workout gets put off until later -which turns into never- and when I'm ready to try to find something to eat I end up getting full off of junk food. Can you relate?

In an effort to have more structure and be a better steward of time, I've researched and compiled the following to assist me in my efforts. Please keep in mind, this is what works for me but I am sharing because I believe it will help you as well. 

It all began last year when Brandon and I did this workout video. I hadn't done any form of intense workout in at least 2-3 months prior to this video, besides walking up and down the 7 flights of stairs at work. Prior to this video, I didn't realize how much I had neglected my muscles. I'm pretty sure you could see the struggle I was enduring during this simple workout and if you couldn't, I could and I didn't like it. 

That inspired me to do a LOT of research and now I'm sharing it with you. I discovered there were HUNDREDS of premade workouts across the internet and most of them are constructed so there's hardly any equipment involved. I've put a lot of the ones I found here.

I tried to do the workout above but I didn't make it past the first day because I'm not a fan of repetition and extremely ADHD... I'm aware of how shameful that is, but it's honest. I knew I had to find a way to be able to stick to these workouts. "Stick To It... Popsicle sticks!" 

And just like that, I had a new workout system. It's extremely simple to create. 
1. Get a popsicle stick
2. Write a workout on it
3. Color one end of the stick to specify the targeted body area or muscle group
4. Put all the sticks in a receptacle, then randomly choose your workout for the day.

Brilliant, right?

I then needed an easy way to reference the workout I selected, as well as track what I was eating, my water consumption, and all the other "fun" stuff that goes along with day to day health. That's when I created my fitness journal. It's has 8.5" x 11" pages that I sectioned off into the categories I needed to make my tracking successful. 

A few more tips that weren't included in the video:
-Keep a post it or note card full of healthy meals in the journal so you can have that reference at hand
-Limit the amount of junk food you keep in your home
-Take your own snacks with you wherever you go so you're less tempted to eat junk food
- If you don't have the journal with you, text yourself what you ate so you can still track
-Use the features and free apps on your cell phone to help you

I hope this has inspired you to get started on your journey to health.
Good luck,

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