Upcycled Large Popcorn/Cookie Tins

Have you ever emptied one of these tins of their salty or sugary content, then asked yourself, "What do I do with this thing now?"

Never fear, I have discovered a few ways to upcycle these cute little space taker up-ers into something a little more useful

1. Collect memories in it
2. Decorate and Re-gift it
3. Use it for food storage (animal or human)
4. Plant something in it
5. Store makeup brushes in it
6. Store Pens and Pencils in it
7. Use it as a decorative trash can
8. Burn large candles in it
9. Turn it into a drum for a child
10. Store trash bags in it

Want to decorate it? Check this out:

As I was recording this video, I realized I wanted to add a chalkboard surface. Since it was raining, I really didn't want to go out in the elements to buy chalkboard vinyl, which led me to start thinking outside the box, and that's how great ideas are concocted.

I already had chalkboard paint but the chalk tends to scratch off the paint on slippery surfaces. Enter contact paper. Contact Paper has a bit of texture to it, so it keeps the paint on the surface. Plus, I got my 18x54" roll in the kitchen section of Dollar Tree for $1. BRILLIANT!

All you have to do is paint from left to right, allow it to dry, then go back over the area from top to bottom to cover the gaps. 

Once it dries, cut, peel, and stick your new creation to your surface. It's really that simple... and the best part is, contact paper has the ability to be re-positioned! Total cost for this project (if you had to go out and buy it yourself) $4.99. Considering there are a million other things you could do with chalkboard paint and contact paper individually and your chalkboard vinyl is 100% custom, I'd say that's a pretty good deal. Wouldn't you?

Have any other ideas? Share them below!

Happy Crafting,

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