$7 Refrigerator & Freezer Organization

February 26, 2014

Not bad for 7 packages of meat (chicken breasts, pork tenderloins, fish, chicken wings), 5 days worth of smoothie mix, ice, sauces, soups, broths and several packages of fruits and vegetable.

This is one of those random things that just bugs the ba-jeesus out of me. For some reason, one of the most functionally nonfunctional places in my home is the freezer/ refrigerator situation. No matter how big or small it seems extremely difficult to keep organized... Unless, of course, you choose not to buy frozen foods :-). From personal experience, I prefer not to deal with the chaos and will opt for fast food or cereal. I know it's not the best option but it's my truth and now that I have come to accept it I have created a solution to fix it.

I've been using this system for the past few weeks and I kept it a secret mostly to make sure it's something that would be beneficial and so far so good. This system (and overall price) will vary based on the size of your fridge/freezer but if you would like to replicate the system I devised it should total $7 considering everything was purchased at Dollar Tree. The best part is these containers are extremely durable everything still freezes perfectly fine with the lids on top.

Quick Tips:
1. Mailing labels are can easily be removed and can be re-positioned without a sticky mess being left behind. {Similar ones here}
2. Shoe containers are the perfect size to fit standard freezers {get them here}
3. Stackable containers to hold ice and other loose items {like this or this}
4. "Shelf" above stackable containers is a piece of cardboard wrapped in contact paper for easy cleanup
5. Binder Clips are perfect for wire racks to keep small items from getting pushed to the back
6. Cut the top off of your egg carton to allow easier access.
7. Freeze EVERYTHING on it's side to maximize space

As I think of more I'll add them or if you have any helpful tips, please add them below or in the comments on the video.

If you try it, #LIMRStorage on Instagram so I can see!! 
Hope this helps,

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