Pineapple Banana Kale Smoothie

As one of the pickiest eaters I know, I can without a doubt say that if I like something it's actually tolerable.

Hi, My name is Shaina and I have several irrational dislikes of various food combinations (that I'm currently working through). One of the biggest is drinking green vegetables. The ridiculous thing is I can eat raw green vegetables ALL DAY. But there's something kinda (inexplicably) weird about seeing green vegetables liquefied. I can't- and won't even try to- explain it. It just is.

Now that I'm in my 26th year of life, I'm trying to revisit some of the random explanations I convinced myself of as a child to determine if I really don't like this stuff or if I was right all along. So in the spirit of my new found adventure through food, I present my first Kale smoothie. It's really simple and I'm not even sure it's technically correct because I have to take baby steps with stuff like this. The ingredients are as follows:

I put everything in a blender and LIQUEFIED it. I promise it just tastes like a regular fruit smoothie but I can only guarantee that if you follow these instructions... Anything outside of this and you're on your own.


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