Homemade {Cinnamon Flour} Tortilla Chips

All because I wanted Chicken Tortilla Soup.
Let me explain... I already had the Chicken Tortilla Soup (recipe here) in the Crock Pot before I realized I didn't have any tortilla chips. Now, I'm sure you're wondering why I didn't just go buy them like a normal person.
Well, wise guy, that was plan A. However, I just washed my hair and I'm not fond of wandering through cold grocery stores with dripping wet hair. So, I started looking around the kitchen for an alternative. That's when I remembered one of my friends moms used to make homemade tortilla chips out of tortillas, which I happened to have *score*

After snooping around Pinterest (and getting completely side tracked), I found a recipe for cinnamon flour tortilla chips... Close enough, right? I think so...

Let's begin by cutting the tortillas in whatever shape you want and heating the oil to about 375 degrees. If you prefer to bake, heat the over to 375 degrees. I used a deep fryer, but if you don't have one you can simply pour about 1/2 an inch of vegetable oil into a pan.
Carefully lay a single layer of tortillas on top of the oil or baking pan and turn the slices frequently so they won't burn. In a skillet and in the oven, it will take 3-5 minutes. In a deep fryer, that will take about 1 minute and continuously dunking the slices with a spatula will cook it evenly on both sides.
You may want to do a few test runs to see exactly how long your stove top or deep fryer needs.
Pull the slices out with the spatula and allow the remaining grease to be absorbed by a paper towel. At this point you can sprinkle a mixture of 1/4 Cup of Sugar and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon atop the tortilla chips while they are still warm or leave them as is. It's really good (and kind of addictive) either way.
PS-The "regular" flour tortilla chips taste SO much better than the store bought ones, especially in the soup...
Happy Cooking,

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