The Best Closet Organization... EVER!

I may be a tad bias because this is my closet, but tell me it's not spectacular for a 5(l)x6(w)x9(h) space.

I absolutely hate the storage shelf in the closet because it's always a hot mess. I couldn't find a reasonably priced storage solution , so I went to Dollar Tree and purchased 13 foam boards. I (literally) cut and pasted then together and created this awesome solution. 

There isn't an official video on how to create the large foam board storage but this video should help you. The only difference is you will use your hot glue gun to keep everything in place. If you happen to glue something in the wrong place, after the glue has dried, use a box cutter to cut through the glue. Then, try again!

The perfect heel storage. I considered buying a shelf but it was too bulky ti fit in the closet so I built one that comfortably holds 20 pairs of stilettos. Measure your tallest shoes + a 1 inch allowance for the sides. Then, cut another board  as the shelf your shoes will sit on and glue it together.  Be sure to put enough support between layers, especially for heavier shoes, to make sure it won't collapse.  I used about 5 boards to make both shoe racks shown in the video.

The white structure was built completely with foam board and a glue gun! A total of $4 for the 4 boards ( I already had the glue gun).

If you want to see more awesome storage ideas. Watch the video! It's packed with so many different ideas and a few more for guys as well.

Happy Organizing,

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