The Man Cake

For the guy that doesn't appreciate a standard sheet cake.
Sometimes, it's difficult to celebrate others birthday, especially when they don't like the same things you like. I had the honor of wandering aimlessly through the store and Pinterest for my boyfriends birthday trying to figure out what to get him. Of course, when asked he replies, "Nothing," because he's a guy and usually when guys say that they're dead serious.

But it's not helpful to the people that want to get him something just so he knows he's appreciated as he's aging. So I had to think WAY, WAY outside the box from the traditional cake and ice cream route, because he doesn't eat it. As with many people, he doesn't drink often but I know he will indulge on his birthday... and that's when I knew I struck gold.

Although, I don't drink often either and even more seldom go into a liquor store, the day was not about me (someone needs to read that again)! As women, lot of times we try to conform the celebration of others into what we would want for ourselves. While it is a nice gesture, it's often misguided. If you know the person you're celebrating doesn't like certain things, try to take a mental note throughout the year of things the do enjoy so the next time you're having trouble thinking of what to get them, you can get creative and build them a non-traditional cake out of the things they like.

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