Sweet Lady

Today was inspired by the radio and leftover Easter candy.
I love listening to music while I get dressed... Let's be honest who doesn't? Well, today I was listening to the radio and Sweet Lady by Tyrese comes on (if you don't know the song, you're too young) and, as you can see, it inspired that title of this post. I remember being 11 years old, in the 6th grade, and absolutely loving the song. It played on the local R&B station every morning as I was about to get out the car to go to school. Talk about nostalgia!

Fast forward to the present. Since the Easter holiday just passed I find myself with an abundance of jelly beans. I noticed a blue and pink combo in the bag and found my inspiration for today's outfit. 

I never claimed to be perfect or that my methods would make sense. They just work and that's all that matters LOL

Top, Jeans & Accessories - Forever 21
Shoes - A'gaci

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