It's been a long time coming, but I made it!

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4 years ago today, I remember looking myself in the bathroom mirror and thinking, "OH MY GOSH! I actually did it. I cut my hair." Initially I was excited because the very thing I was most afraid to do at that time, was done. When I cut my hair, it was permed and about the length it is in the picture above. As my hair laid across the bathroom sink and floor, it dawned on me that I had to face the world with my now one inch hair... *cue panic attack*

When I did my big chop, I was 8 months into my transition to natural and had planned on transitioning throughout the whole process, but life had different plans for me. My hair basically fell out after removing individual braids with extensions. I'm not going to lie, the first day was the worst. Luckily, one of my best friends was there to make me leave the house, because I was ready to call into work until my hair grew back... At that time I was extremely self-conscious about not having any hair because until that point my hair was a part of my identity.

Until then, I had always had a lot of hair and was subconsciously taught that my hair was what made me beautiful. Apparently, most of society was taught the same things because a lot of family and people I would  have considered friends began to treat me differently just because my hair was shorter than they  would have approved of. However, for every one person that didn't approve of my new hairstyle, there were twice as many that loved it and commended me for my bravery. Strangely enough, it didn't matter what anyone said because I had to be comfortable in the new "skin" I was in. What a lesson on life, right?

Even before I consciously began the transitioning process, I knew my ultimate goal was to get back to my healthy natural hair. I knew that it would take time and I would have to eventually cut my hair off to make that happen. I even understood that before I could voluntarily cut my hair I had to be comfortable within myself to do it... There's a great difference between knowing something and just doing it, especially when your goals and dreams are on the line.

Throughout this journey, I've truly learned a lot about life. This lesson, in particular, taught me that sometimes you have to cut off the bad to allow the good to grow. When you make decisions like that, it's probably going to be uncomfortable for you and possibly the people around you. Just remember the uncomfortable feeling won't last forever. The faster you become comfortable with the decisions you've made to better yourself, the easier it is for you to move forward.

Have a great weekend love bugs!

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