DIY $10 Photo Gallery Wall Art

Yeah, this really happened for under $10.
A few weeks ago, my mom and I were wandering around the Dollar Store. She happened to find a whole display of various 2014 calendars ranging from cartoon characters, to nature, to inspiration and fashion. Mom was looking at the display because she needed the calendar. I went to the display because I saw a $1 opportunity to be destructi-creative (completely made up word I use when I'm about to tear something apart).

As I dug through the display, I found this lone Marilyn Monroe calendar... actually there may have been more but I stopped looking when I found this one. Any who, I found the MM calendar and literally did my happy dance in the middle of the aisle because I have a bare wall in my room that was screaming for some wall art. I really didn't want to spend more than $5 for wall art because I already have a lot of leftover knick knacks from previous projects and this calendar gave me the perfect way to make that happen. Where else can you get 12- 12x12 photos for $1. It doesn't get any better.

I considered buying photo frames from the same dollar store buy that would have brought my total to $13+tax, $7 over my projected idea. As I walked and pondered a little more, I remembered I already had a few foam boards at home that I could wrap the prints around *happy dance in double time.* But how would I hang them?

That question was quickly answered as I turned the corner onto the office supplies aisle. There I found paper clips and push pins, both of which I already had at home *happy dance in triple time.*

If you have to purchase everything new, here's the budget breakdown:
Calendar (bought new) -----------------------------------------$1
2 Foam Board's (already owned, but if you have to buy it) - $2
Paper Clips  (already owned) --------------------------------- $1
Push Pins (already owned) ------------------------------------ $1
Glue Gun & Sticks (already owned) ---------------------------$6
Glue Stick (already owned) ------------------------------------$1
GRAND TOTAL ---------------------------------------------- $12
Okay so it's a little over the projected $10, but I'm pretty sure you have access or own most of this stuff already. 

Once I got home I began my project, and here's how it went:

The finished product is pure genius (if I do say so myself... and I did!). Will you be trying this project out? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below! Wishing you peace and prosperity until we DIY again.

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