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DIY Dry Erase To Do List

May 31, 2014

Because everyone needs a fancy dry erase "to do" list.
I got this awesome, bling-tastic frame from my baby sister for Christmas 2013, but haven't been able to figure out what to do with it. I know, the obvious choice would be to put a picture in it, but it was just too cliché... When I initially saw it, I felt like this frame deserved to serve a fancier purpose, but how was I going to make it happen and what was
I going to do? (Insert evil laugh).

Fast forward to today with me in my PJ's, sipping on chamomile tea, and wandering around on Pinterest looking for something completely unrelated, the light-bulb over my head lit up. Use the frame as a dry erase board, DUH! I had done this several times before in the past, but for some reason, it never occurred to me to glam the opening and use it as a desperately needed to-do list. Once I got the idea, I immediately opened my craft trunk, grabbed my supplies, and put it all together.  

Supplies: scissors, glitter, scrapbook paper, glue, blank note cards, dry erase markers

Since I was moving at the speed of light, I didn't get that many pics during the process. Hopefully, you can get the idea and inspiration. I would suggest gluing everything to a piece of paper prior to putting it in the frame, just to make sure you have everything facing the right way once it's in the frame. Will you be trying this project? Let me know below.

Until we DIY again,