DIY Floral Crown

Seriously, who doesn't love a good festival crown?

The initial request to make a floral headband came from one of my "Instafriends" (my made up term for my Instagram followers).... and, if I'm totally honest, I NEVER considered buying, making or wearing anything remotely like this because I don't have straight hair nor do I desired for anything to be entangled in my hair. However, I thought this would be a good quick and easy DIY tutorial for other people to use.

My initial budget was to spend $5, including tax. As I stood in the Dollar Tree trying to figure out what combination of flowers to use, I met a woman who was also looking for flowers for a DIY project. We stood there for about 10 minutes explaining what we were trying to make and asking each other which flowers would look best together for our projects. By the time we finished rifling through the wall of flowers, we both had about 15 different flowers and some major editing to do.

 When I initially envisioned what I wanted to make, there were so many elements (like ribbon, hot glue, headbands, etc) that were involved and I made an executive decision to envoke the K.I.S.S method-Keep It Simple, Shaina. Once I realized that there were white orchid stems large enough to make the base of the crown I immediately came to the conclusion that this would probably be one of my easiest DIY projects ever.

As I narrowed down my floral selection, I ended up spending $1.50 more than my initial budget and the whole construction only took 10 minutes
You kn;w you want to make one. See how below:

Simple, right? I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.

Until we DIY again,

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