DIY Hanging Votive Candles

I could have bought it but it's so much more fun to make it.
In light of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, I began thinking of different (inexpensive) ways to light the backyard so the family could hang out without being in complete darkness. I also needed a similar lighting solution for my bedroom. Since the room is so tiny it doesn't allow me to comfortably or visually fit a balanced lighting solution.

I just love when I get to create solutions for not 1 but 2 purposes at the same time. As with any other project, I began looking around the house first for a lighting source. This was by far the easiest  since I absolutely LOVE candles and have a nice little stash of tea lights on hand at all times.  Next I found a jar that I was using to hold my candy, but since I haven't been eating candy that much lately I gladly gave up the jar for the cause. Finally, I found some old aluminum wire and wall hooks to hang it with. Ready to see how I put it all together?
Watch the tutorial

Easy Right? Will you be trying this DIY for your patio or room? Let me know!

Until we DIY again,

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