Rained Out

May 12, 2014

It literally rained on my head today...

Sweater (old) - Local Boutique; Top - Wetseal; Necklace and Jeans - DIY; Shoes - HauteLook.com

Today as we shot this OOTD post, the semi-sunny sky soon became covered by clouds. Then the rain began to trickle down. Within about 2 minutes of the drizzle, it began to rain. As I stood in the rain, trying to protect the awesome curly hair moment I was having with my makeshift umbrella (above), I realized it wasn't helping and decided I'd probably do better by just playing in the rain so we could get back inside.

It's funny how today's events are a lot like the general picture of life. Whenever you're having a great day, or moment, or even year, life will eventually start to rain on your parade. It's just inevitable. One of the best ways to think of rain, is to think of how beneficial it is to nature. It's purifying, refreshing, and it helps things to grow. Luckily, the same benefits apply to the figurative rain we get on a day to day basis. 

Life is always going to be full of rainy days, and at times it may seem like it's flooding, but eventually the sun will come out again. It may rain longer than you're comfortable with, but it doesn't last forever. Nothing does.

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