Something Borrowed

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine."

Top - Forever 21; Skirt - stolen borrowed from my mom's closet; Shoes - Promise; Jacket and Belt - Thrifted

Since I'm a pretty skinny girl (that has a consistent creative/destructive process going on ALL the time) everyone knows if I ask for clothing, you're probably not getting it back the same size you gave it... or if you see it again, it's because I'm wearing it.

A little while ago, I found this skirt in my mom's closet and knew she probably hadn't worn it in a while, if ever. So, I politely asked if she would be willing to part with it... Unfortunately, I don't really remember the answer, but let's assume she said yes since I'm wearing it today.

I thought about doing my old "cut and sew" routine to fit the skirt to my waistline, but I decided that was a bad idea since I couldn't remember if she actually gave it to me or just let me to borrow it. Luckily, the skirt would normally be fastened by buttons at the hip. To be on the safe side, I decided to wrap it comfortably around my waist and use safety pins to secure it into place. Said safety pins have been covered by the belt.

For those who have wondered how I would fit into clothes that would normally be too big... This is one of many ways I make it work. LOL
PS - Thanks Mom! (and I'll be returning it soon)

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