How to Turn a Dress Into a Skirt

I'm notorious for this...
When I was a kid I would constantly cut up my clothes and put them back together to make them more "functional." I know you're probably thinking, clothes are functional as they are, but I was always a short and skinny girl and hardly NOTHING ever fit the way it was supposed to. Luckily, the only stipulation my mom had regarding clothing reconstruction was, "if you cut it, you have to wear it."
Top-Express; Skirt (formerly known as dress I never wore)-H&M; Belt-unknown; Shoes-Local Boutique

Fast forward to today. I still use that mantra when it comes to my clothes, except it's expanded to:
"If I buy it, I have to wear it"
"If it doesn't fit, how can it be altered to fit?" and
"If I haven't worn it, can I alter it into something I will wear, and if not, give it away."

As I was completing my semi-annual closet purge, I rediscovered this dress. I remember buying it (2 years ago) from H&M because I absolutely love the pattern and I was in a phase where I wanted more fun summer attire and colors. Although two summers have come and gone (and we're now entering into the third), some how this dress still remains to be unworn.... Until today!

After looking at the dress for about 30 seconds, I've decided it will be given a new life as a skirt. The dress already has a waist band, so it was a literally a quick 'snip and sew' to turn it into a skirt. Are you ready to see the transformation? Well, check out the video below.

 The whole process took about 15 minutes and I'm absolutely LOVE the results. Do you have any old dresses you're considering turning into skirts? Let me know!

Until we DIY again,

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