How to Wear a White Button Down Shirt

I really don't have as many clothes as you think...
Every good fashionista knows it's not how many clothes you have, it's how many combinations you can create with what you have. I am always thankful when people compliment my style because you don't know the struggle. Over the past year I've really been challenging myself to use what I already have in my closet to my  advantage. I had so many clothes (that I may or may not have) bought on a whim, yet they still have tags on them (like my last DIY post).

If I do purchase something new, I have to be able to create at least 3 outfits from memory (yes, my clothes and I close enough that I can pretty much remember everything I have). If not, it stays at the store. I have a detailed list of everything I'm wearing and where it was purchased after the video. Please, feel free to let me know if this helps and if you'd like to see more!

*As mentioned before, I have not been shopping in about a year, so many of these items may not be available. Please, use what you have in your closet prior first.

White Button Down Shirt - Express

Look 1: Distressed Jeans
Jeans: Rue 21 (old)
Hat: Target (old)
Shoes & Bag - (old)

Look 2: Blazer & Shorts
Shorts - Forever21
Shoes -
Blazer & Bag - Chic Defiance Boutique

Look 3: Tied Up Over a Dress
Halter Dress (looks like a skirt) - Marshall's
Clutch - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - unknown

Look 4: Add a Vest
Vest - Target
Jeans - Rue 21
Shoes - A'gaci
Bag -

Look 5: Unbuttoned w/ a Tank Top
Tank Top - Forever 21
Clutch & Necklace - Chic Defiance Boutique
Shoes - WetSeal
Jeans - Rue 21

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