DIY Denim Dog Toys

As much as I love my Zo-Zo Bean, his chewing habit is getting expensive.

My puppies are as close as I'm coming to having children right now, and as much as I don't mind spoiling them, dog toys (the "good" ones, anyway) are expensive. Zeke and Zo have both had their share of squeak-its, chewing, and tugging toys, but it seems lately Zo has been destroying his within a matter of 2-3 days. Luckily, he only chews on the things he and Zeke share, and we want to keep it that way. 

After a bit of research, I found several tutorials that I have slightly changed and combined into this video. You can use pretty much any fabric, but if you have a chronic chewer and/or a larger dog breed denim is one of the sturdiest options. Just grab (or thrift) an old pair of  jeans and your scissors. If you get your pants from the thrift store, try to buy the largest pair you can find. That way you'll have material leftover to make more in the future. 

The Knotted Chew Toy is the easiest to make and will work for any pup. You'll need a minimum length of 18" of fabric for this project to ensure you'll have enough room to twist and knot it. You always have the option of adjusting the size to better suit your dog's needs. I would suggest this toy more for smaller to medium breeds because it's not as sturdy as the other next two options. According to Zo's 3 day daily chew test, the knot stayed in tact but it did begin to fray where he was chewing.

The Braided Tug Toy is also fairly easy to make but does require a bit more skill. Again, determine the length you want it to be then add about 3-4 inches to compensate for the length loss you will experience while braiding. I used three 1-inch by 3 feet strips per strand, braided them together, then tied and knotted each end. Alter the measurements based on your dog's size and chewing habits. The toy is great for any dog and is really study. Zo has been trying his best to tear it apart and it's still firmly in tact after 3 days.

The Lanyard Chew Toy is also quick and easy to make but can be considered the most complex out of the three. I used four 1 inch by 3 foot strips to complete this project. The diagram below provides the best visual aide to explain how to make it. This is by far the most durable toy out of the bunch. As shown in the video, Zo has really tried to tear it apart to no avail. 

I hope this inspired you. If you make your own, I'd love if you'd post it to my Facebook page here and or  my Twitter here

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