DIY Inkblot Tote Bag and Prints

Every now and then, I'm an artist.
Well, I think I'm an artist in my head.... 

Sometimes, more often when it rains, I get the urge to play in paint. I hardly ever do anything structured while I'm creating because I'm a perfectionist and I become frustrated because I over think. When it comes to art, I'm more of a "Jackson Pollack" type. It's just way more fun to randomly throw the paint around and see what happens. The great thing about abstract art is it's all about perception, which means there's really no right or wrong answer. I love that 30 different people can look at the same thing and there's a possibility of 30 different answers.

This project began with the ordinary recyclable totes that I had never used but,  rediscovered after cleaning out the garage. I'm pretty sure they were from a random 50% buy at Hobby Lobby years ago, but got lost in the shuffle. I remember always having difficulty with how to decorate the bag because there are SO MANY options out there. Should I do quotes or pictures or iron-on patches or paint? ... Paint. That's it! With the medium chosen, the hardest question now was how to paint it?
Luckily, I recently re-discovered the Rorschach test (aka inkblot test). According to, "is a psychological evaluation used to examine the personality characteristic and emotional functioning of the patient." While I'm not necessarily concerned with the psychological details. I have always found it interesting that you could literally throw paint on paper and smoosh it together to get these random shapes. So I decided to give it a try, and this is how it turned out. 
Pretty cool, right? The video has the step-by-step details and the best part is, you can use this method on clothing or just regular paper. Also, this is a great project for kids to express their originality. Have you tried this? If so, what were your results? If not, what do you see in the art above?
Until we DIY again,

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