Small Room Inspiration 2014

July 29, 2014

Perfect inspiration for small rooms.

I'm a habitual apartment dweller and as such I needed to find a system that worked in any space. Luckily, I have finally figured it out and am sharing my ideas with you. I thought this would be a good tutorial for the college students or guest rooms since my current room is only a 9'x10' space... I'm pretty sure there are dorm rooms bigger than this but hopefully you'll be able to find inspiration. 
That giant gray blanket came from Walmart and I use it to protect my white comforter since Zeke and Zo think my bed is theirs. My bed set (the blue and gray design) came from Marshall's in Summer 2013. The giant decorative pillows are from Ikea, and the small decorative pillows either came with the bed set or were handmade by me. Everything is linked to their original post below.

The puppies have their own little bedroom set up under my bed. My bed on risers so that they have enough room to lay and sit without being uncomfortable. I also made them each a bed so they could have their own space and put them one either side of an old piece of carpet I had to make a little co-existing/living room space for them. Their water bowls are elevated on a few extra shelves I had and have recycled water bottles behind them to keep the bowl in place. The water bottles are also always filled with water so that refill is more convenient. Also in that area, there is an earring holder I made several years ago and a gifted mannequin that I believe came from Home Goods.

The trunk at the end of my bed was up-cycled from my college days. It now serves as a step for the puppies to get onto my bed, apillow and blanket corral, arts & crafts storage, extra seating, and (faux) workout equipment.

There is a full closet tour that is still very similar to this set up. A few things have been added for storage and are linked below. I also added a catchall basket for clothes that need to be rehung after I have torn through my closet in search of something to wear. It helps to keep the room tidy and clean. Another organization tip is to re-hang the clothes you're not going to wear and hang them on the side of another hanger to remind yourself to put them away later. The opposite side of the closet is just a random storage space, which is mostly covered in the closet tour as well.

Since I work from home, I spend a LOT of time at my desk. When I was looking for the "perfect" desk setup I combined headed to Ikea and combined the Micke Desk with the Lennart Drawer Units and Billy Bookcase. This combination gives me enough storage to keep everything I need organized and maximize the space in the room. At one point, I had a parsons dining chair for seating but it was too bulky for this small space, so I traded it for my old Ikea Lack side table and added a few blankets and pillow as the seat. When I want to add a back to the chair, I pull one of the big decorative pillows from the bed and push the table to the corner of the bed. The table also serves as the background for many of my DIY videos and fits perfectly flush under the desk. Not to mention, there's still enough room for the puppies to play/walk/sleep under it.

I hope this inspired you! If there was something I didn't cover, just ask and add the time stamp for a reference.

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