VIDEO: How to Wear a Shirt as a Skirt

Simply because I need options.

I've always been a small person. So small, that I used to hate shopping because nothing ever fit. I still have that problem to this day, but over the years I learned how to work with what I already had. For instance, the blouse that I've turned into a skirt has only been worn once as a shirt. It's great for winter weather but will cause me to sweat of a pound or two during the summer.

In order for me to justify keeping it in my closet, it had to serve a year round purpose. Two years ago, I chose it because of the polka dot pattern and thought, "Hmmmm... This would be a cute skirt." So, I tried it on (with every  intent to cut and sew it into a proper skirt) and wouldn't you know, the thing actually fit around my waist. Because Texas only believes in 2 month winters, I get to wear it as a different skirts throughout the year. 

The video will give you a few examples, and I'm sure you'll be seeing it again as I create new ways to wear it. Until then, think outside the box and make life your runway!

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