The Perfect Camera Bag

This is the story of how I found the most perfect camera bag and a Dooney & Bourke bag at Goodwill for under $20.
Over the past few days, I have been in search for a fashionable and/or leather camera bag. I have it in my mind (and an email confirmation) that I am going to be receiving a Canon T5i for Christmas. Since I have this info on good authority via gmail, I have taken it upon myself to prepare for my new treasure.

I began looking around the interwebs and found some amazing bags (here, here and here), but if you know me, you know I'm on the cheap end of frugal and spending over $22 (including tax and shipping & handling) for stuff like this is not in my vocabulary. The bags I absolutely love have officially become my inspiration.
Jo Totes Georgia Nautical 10 Stylish Camera Bags for Women
I have an old, flimsy messenger bag from Forever 21 that I always use for my point and shoot camera and it works perfectly for that equipment, but since I'm getting a T5i (insert girly happy dance and excited giggles), I needed something a bit more durable.

That's when it dawned on me that I could, and should, DIY a camera bag out of a purse. My first thought was, "Check Goodwill," but I didn't listen to myself. I started at the major retailers and found a few bags that I liked, but they were all $35+. When it comes to stuff like this, I need to LOVE it in order to justify the purchase. And let's not forget that I was dead serious about my $22 limit. 

After 3 tries at the box stores, I finally resolved that I needed to try Goodwill before attempting any other major retailers. Upon my arrival, there were two other woman looking through the bags and purses. Luckily, I was the only one interested in the yellow bag marked at $9.99. So, I grabbed it, flung it over my shoulder, and proceeded to search for more options.

Keeping my initial top 3 picks in mind, I decided on this brown leather bag -which I believe is handmade because there are absolutely no tags. Since it is only $6.99, I decided it could definitely serve as a decent camera bag and put the yellow bag back on the wall. 

As I rehung the bag, something shiny caught my eye (I'm such a girl). It was at that very moment I noticed it was a Dooney & Bourke bag! I swear I don't think I've ever done a faster Google search in my life. As much as I love fashion, I don't really care for major labels, so I had to verify if it was real. After several searches, I discovered there are certain guarantees that all Dooney & Bourke bags have, and the bag in my hand was passing every marker. 

I then found the bag online and realized I had hit the jackpot (okay, not really but you have to admit this is a rare find). After verifying it was indeed a legitimate Dooney & Bourke, I ran to the register with the aforementioned brown leather bag in tow.

I'll admit, I was nervous walking up to the check out line because I just knew I was being punked. Stuff like this just doesn't happen.

The young lady scans the $6.99 leather bag, no problem. Then she scans the alleged $9.99 D&B bag which the register reflects as $476.81.... PROBLEM! I almost passed out... but before I could she informed me that they have to honor the ticket price. 


And that is the story of how I found the perfect camera bag AND a $9.99 Dooney & Bourke.

Be sure to check back soon to find out how I make these bags camera friendly and let me know what was your best thrifted find?

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