DIY Mini Cake Stand

January 14, 2015

Cake stand. Not just for cake.
I know cake stands are generally used for food, but (as you may already know) I rarely use anything as solely as it's intended. Today's quick and easy DIY mini cake stand is actually going to be a a pretty little catchall for my frequently used perfumes and accessories.

For this project, I raided my local dollar store for the glassware at $1 a piece and wal-mart for the $.96 spray paint. E6000 is also usually found in your local craft store and big box stores. Please note that I have seen others bonded together with gorilla glue, super glue and even a glue gun. Also, local thrift stores are great places to score really unique, inexpensive glassware.
1. Gather your supplies.
2. Apply glue around the rim of the candlestick holder (or whatever item you use for the base.
3. Attach the candlestick to the center of the plate and place a heavy object on it for at least an hour or until glue has completely dried.
4. Spray paint the cake stand. Apply 1 coat at a time until desired coverage is achieved.

Something that may be useful to know: If your cake stand turns into a hot mess because you've applied too much spray paint, you can fix it! Grab a bucket (or container you don't mind messing up), fill it with hot water and soak the glassware for 15-20 minutes. Put on disposable plastic gloves, and the spray paint will begin to peel. If there's any residue remaining, get a sponge and gentle scrub the glassware until it's back to it's original state. Then try again!

Ready to try it? Have fun!

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