Coloring Natural Hair

January 16, 2015

You asked, I answered.
"What color is your hair? " has to be the most asked question I've ever received in my life. Since this is my first color application in the last 2 years,  I figured it would probably be beneficial to record the color and technique I used.

I have been dying my hair with the Creme of Nature coloring kits since December 2005 and have used almost every color they have created since. For a full head application, I need 2 boxes of color. I have found by combining 2 different complimentary colors, it creates a unique shade and also creates more natural looking highlights and low lights.

Since I've decided to change my signature style for 2015, I decided to experiment with 1 box and 1 color, Light Caramel Brown in an ombre effect. I choose the ombre effect because I feel it would look more natural with my skin tone. I still have a tad bit of color left over from my January 2012 red application that created its oven veraion of ombre as it grew out, and I just wanted to enhance that effect.

Be sure to protect your floors and wear clothing you don't mind getting messy since hair color can stain fabrics. Also, keep in mind that you can brighten the color by applying heat to your hair while the color is in your hair. It is not suggested to do this if this is your first time coloring your own hair. Foryou safety, always follow the instructions that come with your kit.

Here's the step-by-step tutorial on how I colored my 4b/4c natural hair.

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