Spin for the Perfect Skin Review

Unfortunately, I am apart of the millions of people that suffer from acne scars. I have tried so many skin care products with VERY little success. There is only one recorded instance (here) where I actually had mostly acne free and a scar free face. 

Since I break out very easily because of stress, my clear skin stint was very short lived. In September 2013, my skin was at it's absolute worst and the scars from that breakout can be seen in this video.

I know, it looks really bad. Let's just fast forward to the present day...

One of my goals in 2015 is to have skin so clear that I won't have to wear makeup, if I don't want to.
I have seen so many video's about spin brushes, but the brushes were always way out of the price range I was willing to pay. Especially since I hadn't had much luck in the past. Luckily, this year I  decided I to stop being so cheap and invest in my skin.

I was actually in the process of researching skincare regimen's that targeted acne scars when my friends at Vanity Planet reached out to me to try their Vitagoods Spin for the Perfect Skin system. Not only does it work, it doesn't break the bank! This skincare gem retails for $99.99 but (you know I believe in sharing discounts, so brace yourself) with the code shainaspin you can get one for $30! That's a 70% discount.

The best part is, since the brush heads need to be replaced every 2-3 months, you can have the auto shipped to you and receive a discount on the replacement heads. That's a feature I love because I never remember to re-order things like that. So, are you ready to see how how awesome this thing is? Check it out!

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