DIY Office in a Box

Organization is in order.
I am extremely lucky to be able to work from anywhere there's an internet connection, which means I don't have a desk. Since I don't have a designated area to put my crap stuff, my work area often looks like this:

Because I absolutely hate clutter and having stuff sprawled everywhere, my search for the perfect traveling office began. Of course, I began with Pinterest and stumbled across this pin. I didn't need a gigantic trunk but I did like the cork board. That spark of inspiration led me to my local craft store in search of something lightweight and portable, where I found this wooden box (it comes in a set of 3 different sizes on the website, but you can purchase them individually in the store for $6-$9 and take 40% off with the store's coupon). I plan on painting the box, eventually, but I have to figure out what color and/or design I want to use.
I cut down a long wooden dowel stick to control my washi tape. Then, I cut down a foam board to make dividers (click for tutorial), and stacked these mini storage containers filled with random office supplies. Somehow, I managed to make everything fit comfortably. 

I DIY-ed my own bulletin board by hot gluing 2 pieces of foam board together and covering it with a piece of leftover fabric. then gluing it to the lid of the box. Finally, I control all of my writing utensils by recycling the clear plastic container some of the the washi tape came in. 
Here's the breakdown for this project:

Wooden box ($8.99 - 40%)   $5.39 
Wooden Dowel Stick            $0.59
Foam Board                       $1.00
Mini Storage Conatianers      $1.00
Grand Total                            $7.98

Not bad for a customized office in a box. Just think you can (and should) revamp this for many different uses, especially thise long road trips this summer. Will you give it a try? Share you ideas below!

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