Zo's Adoption Story

February 16, 2015

The Story of The Hooligans.

A year ago, we decided Zeke was lonely and went to the local shelters to try to find him a friend. After a few hours of searching and debating between us humans, we found a  few contenders and decided to present them to Zeke. Only, we forgot that Zeke thinks he's a person and doesn't prefer to associate with 'dogs.' Needless to say, every single dog we presented, Ezekiel (that's Zeke's government name) vetoed.... EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Eventually, we found a quiet little beagle mutt called Patrick, and thought maybe he'll be a good fit. When the pups met, he was the was the only one Zeke could kinda tolerate, so we brought him home and changed his name to Zo Patrick (to stick with the "Z" theme). Initially, we thought we confused him, by changing his name, but he wouldn't answer to Patrick either. Then we thought he was hard of hearing, but quickly learned that he was just ignoring us.

We left the boys at home in separate rooms for a few hours (because they were still trying to figure out who was the dominant dog, and I worried about a fight breaking out while we weren't there) to go purchase all the little new dog things you need, only to come home to torn up garbage sprawled across the floor of the room Zo was in and his left eye was swollen shut.

I'm not gonna lie, I was ready to give him back the same day, because I wasn't accustomed to such doggy disrespect and whatever was going on with his eye. Lucky for us (insert sarcasm here), it was President's Day weekend, so we got to deal with a sick, stubborn dog for 3 days until we were able to get back to the shelter to get the drops they "forgot" to give us. Once we got them, things started getting better. Zeke, being the bourgeois puppy that he is, tried his best to keep his distance from the 'intruder,' but Zo made sure Zeke knew that he was going to be his best friend.

Fast forward a year later, and they're inseparable. The dynamic duo, known as The Hooligans, have brought us so many laughs and cuteness overload and I really can't imagine life without either one of them. Check out their year in photos below!

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