A Single Serving of Coffee Cake

It's pretty safe to say that I'm addicted to anything that I can make in a mug.
Today's breakfast (and last night's dessert) was inspired by this post. I have been wanting to make a coffee cake for a few weeks now but I was being lazy kept getting side tracked by other things. I finally hyped myself up to make a full pan - which I probably don't need, because I will eat it all by myself in less than 2 days - but there was less than 1/2 a cup of pancake mix left in the box.

Obviously that didn't stop me from attempting to make a single serve Coffee Cake in a mug I'm so glad I tried, because it tastes EXACTLY like the version I bake in the oven! Not to mention, it's ready in under 5 minutes and tastes AMAZING with my latest addiction, Folgers French Vanilla Cappuccino Sticks. The Coffee Cake is really good on it's own, but if you're feeling fancy, I will include the recipe for the Glaze below. (NOTE: I didn't use a mug in this tutorial because I was being fancy for no reason, so don't feel pressured into buying fancy dishes. A regular coffee mug will do.) 

Coffee Cake
-1/4 Cups Pancake Mix
-2 Tablespoons Water (or milk)
-1 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar
-1 Tablespoon Applesauce

Strudel Topping (x2)
-2 Tablespoons Pancake mix
-2 Tablespoons  packed brown sugar
-1 dash of ground cinnamon
-1 dash of ground nutmeg
-1/2 Tablespoon applesauce (or butter) 
Glaze (Optional)
-1/2 teaspoons Milk
-1/8 Cup Powdered Sugar
  1. Grease the sides of the mug with cooking spray or butter. Mix the Coffee Cake ingredients in the mug and stir it well.
  2. Mix the Strudel Topping together with a fork until crumbly, then pour the half of topping onto the cake batter.
  3. Microwave on HIGH for 1:30-2 minutes, stopping the microwave after one minute and 30 seconds. If the cake is not ready, place it back in the microwave in 15 second intervals until it's done.
  4. Crumble the remaining Strudel Topping over the top. 
  5. Mix the Glaze ingredients together until smooth. Allow the cake to cool for about 2 minutes, then drizzle it over the cake. Serve 

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