#AskShaina Stretched Hair, Banding and Braiding

 Your questions answered!
A few weeks ago, I posted this video and a few of my subscribers requested a tutorial for the braided hairstyle. Then I posted this video and got another request on banding my hair. So I combined them and decided to start a new series called #AskShaina. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter then leave the questions you'd like for me to answer in a video.

Since I have ridiculously thick hair, these are two of the easiest ways I know to stretch my natural hair without using heat. On any given day, my hair is usually banded because that's the best way I have found to stretch my hair right after I wash or cowash it. I always put Cantu Shea Butter and Suave Argon Oil in my hair before I style it.

I've also been taking advantage of one of my childhood favorites, double french braids. This quick protective style is easy to complete with natural hair and by adding braiding hair. Plus it's really cute. I mostly wear these braids in the winter to maintain moisture in my hair or right before I use my curling wand (stay tuned for a tutorial!).
It only took me 20 minutes to record this video, so don't psych yourself out before you try it for yourself. Check out how I stretch my hair below.

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