Currently Loving: Winter Skincare

This winter has really been harsh on my skin.

Normally, I have very oily skin, so almost all of my products are geared to combat my extreme shine radiant glow. Somehow, the freak of nature known as Winter 2015 found a way to completely deplete my skin of moisture. Luckily, I was able to find a plethora of products to hydrate, exfoliate and cleanse my dry skin.
  1. Soft Kissable Baby Lips (
  2. My favorite daytime moisturizer (
  3. My favorite new cleanser (
  4. How I got longer lashes and thicker brows ( 
  5. Get rid of dark circles (
  6. Deep clean your pores 
  7. Spin for the Perfect Skin (
  8. The ulitmate night moisturizer (
  9. Combat acne marks and scars (

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