February Favorites

February Favorites
Hello, March!
Since it's been so cold the past few weeks, I only leave the house when necessary to get food. Personally, I don't mind staying warm and cozy in my sweats and pajamas and preserving my makeup, but I do miss taking the Hooligans on long walks.

Speaking of my fur children and outdoor activities... In February, we celebrated love and life as we reminisced on Zo's adoption. I also began picking up photography as a hobby. I figured since I have this fancy camera, I should probably learn to use it properly. I've just been shooting random objects and buildings (you know stationary things) as I learn the basics. 
Blue Beetle Car

This freezing weather has been brutal, and Mother Nature has forced me to change my skincare product lineup. I usually have pretty oily skin, but I found out very quickly that mattifying products and dry skin don't mix well. A few of my favorite beauty finds are Medyskin Vitamin C Beauty Oil, L'Occitane Shea Butter Light Comforting Creme,  Maybelline's Fit Me! Dewy & Smooth. When I layer them in that order (or if I'm in a rush, I'll mix the moisturizer and foundation together for a DIY BB cream) my skin feels just as hydrated as it does in the summer.

Also, I'm still loving my Spin for the Perfect Skin spin brush but I've had to reduce my daily usage to down to 3-4 times a week because of the weather.

I'm highly ticked off that it's March and I'm still freezing my buns off. The only thing I like about the winter is I tend to cook more in the winter and that couldn't be more true for the month of February. In an effort not to waste food, I've been taking advantage of single servings that are just as good - if not better than - how I would make it on the stove or in the oven. A few of my favorite dishes were my quick and easy Chicken Chili, single-serve Red Velvet Mug Cake, and my latest recipe, Mac and Cheese in a Mug (recipe coming soon).
Chicken ChiliSingle Serve Red Velvet Cake

The biggest highlight this month was I finally got a tablet! By now, I'm sure it's one of those things that everyone has and I know I'm late to the party, but I'm so glad I finally made it. I can honestly say, I wish I would have invested in one sooner because I have had this thing for 3 days and it is making such a huge difference.

When it comes to Movies, Predestination topped my list! It's one of those movies that you have to watch carefully otherwise you won't understand it. When it's over, you simply can't believe what you just watched. My Netflix cue has been filled with mostly history programs like America's Book of Secrets and The Men Who Built America.

Finally, this was the month of severe organization. I am LOVING my Office in a Box Do It Yourself project. It's fairly new, but it makes it so much easier to move around and keep everything in one place. Also, I had to revived these old DIY projects - this and this- to make a custom planner.
DIY Office In a Box

Now it's time for my favorite part. Tell me your faves! What products were you loving a little more this month. I'd love to hear them!

Cheers to a new month, new finds, and new experiences.

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