Zeke's Adoptions Story

The divo pup extraordinaire, also known as King Zeke Ellington Glenn I.
After about a year of contemplating and debating about getting a dog, I finally decided that I really didn't need one (mostly because I didn't want to pay the $600 deposit my apartment complex required). Somehow in the midst of clothes shopping for Easter with my bestest friend in the whole wide world, I decided that I just wanted to go to a few shelters to "look" at the puppies. 
We went to several different places all over town and met some of the cutest, quirkiest, craziest, most stubborn dogs ever, but none of them made me want to bring them home with me and call them my pet. After spending half the day searching, I decided it just wasn't time for me to have a pet and I needed to focus more on shopping for clothes, since Easter was the following day.
We pulled into a shopping center with a Petsmart attached to it. I noticed there were dogs on the side walk in kennels and signs that lead to the door that said, "Puppy Adoptions Today." I just couldn't help myself, I had puppy-fever and I wanted to check this one last place to see what they had. When we got to the make shift adoption center, I saw the cutest little black and white Pomeranian, but quickly found out that he was crazy not ready to be adopted. Then I looked in the kennel right next to his and saw the cutest red-plaid leash wrapped around the calmest, most adorable Chihuahua ever. I never imagined myself with a chihuahua. I wanted the cute little furry puppies like Yorkies or Pomeranians, but this little guy was too cute not to at least hold. 
Once I held him, he was mine. When I adopted him, one of the workers told me that he was neglected and abused by his previous owners, and when they just didn't want him anymore, they brought him to the shelter. It was then that they changed his name from Zion to Zeke, and of course when I adopted him I updated his name to King Zeke Ellington Glenn I because even at 10 pounds and 1.5 feet tall he runs the show and I love him with all my heart
3 years later, I really can't imagine my life without him (or our other hooligan Zo) and as you can clearly see, we were meant to be together. He is by far THE BEST impulse decision I've ever made. Check out some more of my favorite pictures of Zeke over the years.

"Why no, I haven't seen your chicken nuggets... but they were very delicious."

"Why are you not awake yet?"

"I love running. Running is my favorite."

"No, I'm not scared of the barbecue pit. I just think I'd be a lot safer up here."

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