April Favorites

May 01, 2015

Another one for the history books!

This month has been so challenging for me, in a good way, because I accomplished and exceeded a lot of my goals. One of which is to add more food related posts. I am (95%) vegetarian, and I get a lot of questions about what I eat, so Tasty Tuesdays are the days you can expect to see everything food related, like Mocktails and these Quick & Easy Tortilla Pizzas.

One of the most helpful DIYs that came in handy all month was How to Remove ANY Label from Glass Containers. Unfortunately, I can say with a tad too much confidence I am not a jar hoarder. Sadly, I haven't been able to use my $12 DIY Patio Bar this month because of the rain and the disrespectful mosquitos but the weather is supposed to be nicer, at least for this weekend, so the hooligans and I will take advantage of the weather. Speaking of the puppies, Zo Zo created a DIY of his own. This month he discovered the recliner, and has converted it into his very own lounge area.

I'm always on the lookout for ways to get clearer, healthier looking skin. This month I stumbled upon Tea-Toxing and face peels. I'll be going in depth with the Tea-Tox next week, but it's essentially drinking 4-10 glassed of tea to detox your body naturally. While I was cleansing my body from the inside with the Tea Detox, I was also helping the process by using the Vine Vera Vitamin C Collection Peeling gel twice a week on my face.

I didn't really watch a lot of anything this month but I did weekend binge on Netflix. My favorite series was Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which has was pretty funny, the movie Mr. Pip (below) is one of those heart wrenching stories that will probably require a tissue or two. Finally, one of my all time favorites, National Treasure, which combines history, adventure and suspense and is the perfect weekend family movie.

Now it's time for my favorite part. Tell me your faves! What products were you loving a little more this month. I'd love to hear them!

Cheers to a new month, new finds, and new experiences.

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