Schwarzkopf Ultime Elastin Curls & Moisture Review

Regarding Black hair...

There is this notion that hair care products can only be for one race or group of people, mostly because of how the products are marketed. The reality is a lot of products work on a lot of different hair types. For instance, when you read the ingredients list on the back of an expensive bottle for marketed towards a certain group, you may notice that the first few ingredients are the same as a drugstore brand that's a fraction of the price.

More often than not, you pay for the name and idea that your 'favorite' product does something special because it costs more. I have been guilty of this in the past because I too thought the expensive or the products targeted to kinky curly African American women were better for our hair... let's just say I'm glad I was wrong.

I did notice the Schwarzkopf Ultime line in my local Wal Mart on many occassions but ignored them because they are not marketed to Black women (to be fair, most products are not marketed to us). Luckily, I was sent the product for review from Influenster and found out it works just as well, if not better than, any other other brand that I have reviewed [here, here, and here]. My curls are soft, bouncy and frizz free. Even after falling asleep without covering my head, my hair is still hydrated and my curls are in tact. For under $7, you really can't beat the price or quality.

I received the Curl Definition Creme and Style Tousle Spray, which smell and feel amazing. I washed and conditioned my hair then applied the curl definition cream while I was in the shower. It didn't provide a great slip while I was finger combing my hair and caused more frizz, so I rinsed it out and tried again. The second time, I finger combed, then smoothed the product over my hair as I palmed the product through my soaked hair.

I got out of the shower and allowed my hair to air dry until it was slightly damp the scrunched the tousle spray through the ends of my hair. Once it dried my hair felt weightless, soft and had no residual trace of the product.

Over all, I would give the Schwarzkopf Ultime Elastin Curls & Moisture Curl Defining Creme and Soft Tousle Spray 4.5/5 kisses of approval each.

If you would like to try the products for yourself, visit your local WalMart or click here and here 

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