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How to Cut, Trim & Shape Natural Hair

November 14, 2015

"How do you get your hair like that?"

Well, I'm glad you asked, because now I can show you. I'm not one for a lot of hoopla or complicated procedures when it comes to dealing with my thick hair, Roxanne. Over the past few years, I have adopted, and concocted, a few fool proof ways to trim, cut and shape my curly hair at home to get amazing results. Here are a few of my best methods.


Whether I wear my hair stretched or curly, this method has yet to fail me. I usually detangle and twist my hair into 8 sections, pull the twists so that they are perpendicular to my face, then snip the ends. How much I trim each time varies based on the condition of my ends.


I experienced heat damage in June of this year and cut off about 3 inches of hair because my curls wouldn't revert. There are several methods you can try to grow your hair out, but my patience isn't built to deal with those alternatives. I also know that my hair grows faster when it's healthier, which is why I chose to remove the damaged ends. My hair was very uneven because of this, which is why I used low manipulation hairstyles (buns and braids) and waited a few months before I decided to even my hair out.

Although there are many ways to cut your hair, I prefer cutting my hair while it's in its curly state because it is easier for me to see the damage and make a more accurate cut. Before I began, I clarified my hair with Suave's Clarifying Shampoo and used the Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Styling Products to get my curls in the best condition. I always analyze my hair before I begin and cut strand-by-strand to prevent unneccessary hair removal.


Once I finish cutting the damaged pieces, I often have to snip a few stray pieces so my hair has a nice shape while it's in an afro or puff ball.

I know my methods may not be technically correct, but they've worked for me (and Roxanne) for the past 10+ years. If you have given any of these methods a try, let me know your experience below.