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5 under $5: Makeup Brush Cleansing Mat Dupes

January 4, 2017

But, do they work?
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Cleaning makeup brushes is always at the bottom of my to-do list, because it's so time consuming. I'm trying to do better in 2017. It's embarrassing how long I go between deep cleaning makeup brushes, which is why I set out specifically to find a makeup brush cleansing mat like the coveted Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning mat. I wandered into a few stores to no avail. I found myself at Sally Beauty Supply where the cashier shared her tip. She uses a handheld silicon facial cleansing pad. It makes prefect sense! It's silicone, it has the raised bumps, but it's a fraction of the cost.

That was my first official "DUH" moment of the year. Sally's sells this one for almost $5, which isn't bad, but I knew I could find it cheaper. My frugality led me to WalMart where I scored a 2 pack of Lil' Scrubbies Facial Cleaning Pads for $2.48. I was skeptical because they felt a little flimsy, but the price couldn't be beat.

I started off with my dirtiest makeup brush (don't judge me). Surprisingly, using the facial cleansing pad made the makeup brush cleaning process so much faster and, dare I say, enjoyable. It also got the brush so clean it felt brand new again.

Normally I like to clean my makeup brushes using this method, but I found that my son's Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo works just as well, and left the brushes smelling baby fresh. I only used a small dot directly on the facial cleaning pad and swirled my brush over it, rinsing it as necessary, until the water runs clear. In less than a minute, it was clean.

I repeated the process with all of my brushes and got the same results. My only con is they're a little small for face brushes, but still get the job done.

I did a little more research and discovered silicone pot holders also work great (this was officially my second "DUH" moment of the year). The best part is they can be found in the dollar store! If you would like to more options, here is a list of my top Makeup Brush Cleansing Mat Dupes.

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