30 Quotes About Life & Life Lessons

September 09, 2017

I can't believe I'm 30, ya'll!

I have been reflecting a lot this past week and it's still funny how much I've grown. If you would have asked me at 6 what I thought my life would be like at 30, I never could have predicted being a wife, mom, or blogger/youtuber just to name a few. Mostly because I was convinced I would be a Doctor by day and Power Ranger by night. But that's the beauty of life, we grow and change so much that when we look back, our dreams were too small.

I have learned a lot in my 20's. Some of those life lessons I simply refuse to repeat, while other moments I wish I could change. Although I can't change anything, and we all experience things differently, we can all relate to certain general life lessons. I didn't know how I would feel about turning the big 3-0, but now that it's here I'm actually excited to see what lies ahead. Here are some of my favorite life lessons and quotes about life that I have picked up in the past 30 years.
I'm sure I could come up with more, but it's my birthday so I'm off to enjoy my day. Don't forget to pin this post and share it on social media! 

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