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On This Site We:
Dream bigger. Eat ice cream. Work hard. Don't walk, STRUT. You don't need a reason to be great, you just are! Enjoy life. If you want it, go get it. Be present and Encourage Others To Do The Same.

A B O U T   M E

Hey honey, I'm Shaina. Welcome to my playground!
I'm a twenty-something, fancy-for-no reason, Ohio-born, Houston-bred, sugar-loving, high-heel wearing, uber-animated, always-hungry, super-sarcastic, day-dreaming wife and mom trying to make the best of life.

When I'm not online, I'm probably hanging out with my husband, son and our puppies hooligans, Zeke and Zo. I love snapping pictures, binge watching Netflix, and exploring whatever city I find myself in.
I began this website and my YouTube channel in 2010 because it was the easiest way to answer beauty related questions. Over the years, Sugar Stilettos Style has grown into a place for me to share my love of everything from food to fashion, and even the things I discover and make.


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